Friday, 17 August 2012


A nightingale sang the sweet tune of “Night, Night, Goodnight” as the clock struck 12AM. This is the best time when I get lost in the mesmerizing world of dreams (a world where I can be whom I want to be, travel the stars, meet the non-existent and hog as much as I can). Sharp at 7 AM my friend messaged me that was followed by a bucket full of under breath curses her way. Stepped out of my home sweet home at 8 AM while rubbing my half open eyes to reach the dreaded Metro Station. Standing at the recharge counter, my head was busy manipulating the day ahead. Something was out of place at the station, may be the sweet fragrance that lingered in the air or the person at the counter changed. My 7th sense (if existed) pointed that my day is not going to monotonous. As I stepped on the escalator, I was not greeted by wired people who expect me to climb up on it but a huge handbag said hello to my legs. I stared at it as if it is the most fascinating thing in the world. 

Wait a second, I remember this camel colour Parada bag. I was just about to pick it up, a soft voice banged hard on my eardrums. My soul wanted to burn itself and vanish from the scene as it was well aware what was followed, “Don’t you think you should learn some more expressions?” she said. My eyes rolled up in her direction, heart froze and legs started shaking. Her brown eyes twinkled as she laughed at my vacant expression. A laugh that travelled through my soul attracted many guys wanted to bag her. My mouth opened to utter something stupid but tongue got twisted in a fear of messing everything up. Every cell of my body was awestruck as my eyes burned a hard image on the brain of her shining more and more with the sun rays. It felt as if every ray pierced my eyes as they bounced her perfection towards me. She held my hand and rushed me inside the sparsely crowded metro. I could sense every eye burning a hole in me and had a same question “How can he?”. 

I choked on words that wanted to define the feeling of seeing her. Every word fooled me and my head was full of so many emotions that it cluttered my eyes which were busy capturing every moment. We stood by the pole, looking inside each other eyes. It was not magical to look in her eyes but my hand in her hand made it an out the world feeling. My phone flashed a message, “I will be late, you carry on.” I moved my gaze from my phone and stared point blank at her. We entered the dark tunnel to cross the underground stations. Everything about was as perfect as it use to be. I shook my head hard to come back to reality but her full of life smile was still in front of my eyes. Moved my knuckles across her cheekbone, her soft skin felt like fresh pita bread dough. Brought my hand back to inhale the faint fragrance of her skin, it reminded me of the remarkable fragrance that lingered in the air at the station. Station after station, I felt her magic taking a toll on my soul and making me smile like a class one kid who recently fell in love with her math teacher. As we were about to reach the end of the gloomy tunnel, her eyes turned towards me and bid goodbye in the sweetest manner they could. With the flash of light, My eyes opened to the ceiling of my room while phone flashed a message from my friend sharp at 7 AM.