Friday, 11 May 2012

Sky Lantern

Once upon a time, the world was full of fairies and angels who were threatened with the gloom of the devil. Gloom so strong that even the god could not help but witness the drama unfold. But in every dark phase, there is a hero to save the world and present it with a gift of progress. It is what every fable or fairy tale has in common, the hero and its fight with the devil. What makes this hero a “HERO”? Strength, looks, techniques or the art to rebel? The answer is the base of all these qualities, the CONFIDENCE. One word that can either make you a star or break all your dreamy towers.
It's not easy to get it as it is not sold by the chemists or marketed by the supplement giants or available at the voodoo shop or can be stolen from someone. For further dismay, it's not even present in the genes from your parents. No one knows how to get it or where it comes from. But everyone knows that it's a small daring feeling that gives it a rise or you can say it develops when you jump the barriers of the fear. Just like when you finally started to crawl around the house on your knees when you were never aware what your tiny little brain went through to make you take that step. There is a very commonly used phrase “The silver ray in the dark phase.” This phrase is apt for anyone who wants to understand what confidence is all about. One can never forget the feeling of writing the first exam of the life, everything is confusing and looks like a total mess. This is the time when the confidence plays its role and makes you realize that what are writing corresponds to the problem in the question.
For me confidence is similar to the shiny Sky Lantern in the star dotted night sky. Every star is a level where you want to reach and the free floating lantern is the symbol of the confidence or free spirit. In fairy tales term, the distance between the goal is the devil and the free floating lantern is the confidence inside one to reach that goal no matter what while illuminating surrounding and defeating the gloom. Happy ENDING!