Monday, 14 May 2012

Popping the PILLS!!

Every face of the earth has the loath expression dancing across. Their smile doesn't represent a happiness for your existence but has an underlined pity for you. Wherever you put a foot in, it directly lands in your own mouth. Being sweet to someone is now considered a mean nature. You have to explain your every move of life to a total stranger. Walls are your new best friend and phone is the most irritating thing in the world. When someone known passes by with a “WHO IS this PERSON LOOK” on the face. It is the right time to pop the pill.

Many people consider term “SUICIDE” a cowardly act, including me. But what makes a person tick and do something so formidable. It is the surrounding of that poor fellow that gets onto the dying horse and kicks in its guts. They forget the hard times they saw before reaching the place they are on. But it doesn't mean we can blame the people so openly as no one in the society is ready to accept the fault on their face. Every person has a power to read the expressions, sometime they use it wisely and sometimes they ignore. What is more important is vice versa of this scenario in the terms of the recipient. That poor fellow is reading every move of your gesture and simultaneously the BRAIN is predicting. When the tall phrases like I am there, please do not worry, everything will be fine and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH shatter, this where the indirect murder takes place. I know many of you will blame the person for not taking the things lightly, forgetting the past, considering the family and other stuff.

But what pushes that person over the edge? The PUSH from the FRIENDS, FAMILY and CO-WORKERS. Think for one instance, if everything would have been so easy for that person to absorb, forget and move on, then would that person have approached you ever? LOVING Family, that was always proud of the achievements of their kid, just turns into a living hell with freakishly negative statements or TAUNTs to be more precise. EXCITED Friends, who always wanted to meet, talk or hangout, doesn't even return the MSG. SUPPORTIVE Co-Workers, who tend to ignore you on your face or bitch on your back or consider you as the latest in line laughing stock. All this just because that person took a wrong decision in life or for some reason has been a victim. 

One word for this - BRAVO PEOPLE!!